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Local Boy

Born in Colorado Springs, Johnny was adopted and raised in Denver/Harvey Park.  Attending neighborhood schools (Dennison, Kunsmiller and Kennedy) he graduated in 1988 and after leaving the military, he continues to reside there in the home he grew up in.


Having participated in JROTC at Kennedy HS, Johnny attended New Mexico Military Institute and then joined the Colorado Army National Guard.  Serving 5 1/2 years in the Guard, he transferred to Active Duty and served another 6 years in places such as Panama, Haiti, Bosnia, and Germany as a Military Policeman and Paratrooper.


Having worked since he was 14 in Food Service, Retail, Security, Construction, Transportation and Law Enforcement, Johnny found himself managing a coffee-bar as a Barista.  Using the GI Bill, he completed courses in Business Management at Metropolitan State University of Denver and was offered the ownership of that coffee-bar.  Having operated Java Cafe at St. John's for 8 1/2 years, the opportunity came to expand in the business and open Java on the Creek.