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Opening its doors in 1990, there were three important ideas that Santiago's firmly believed had to be implemented to set them in a league of their own. The first was that all the food had to be fresh, as a child the owner disliked leftovers. Second, was a mentality of "We only have one chance"; when a customer enters the restaurant, He or She is greeted with a friendly face, the food is fresh, good, and made with care. Third, was a humble approach of not naming the restaurant after oneself, but to name it after a Saint.  After all, not all new businesses are successful, and we all need a little help.


Using some of the best quality ingredients and products for our Signature, Handcrafted Drinks, like: MORU Specialty Coffee Roasters, Ghiradelli Chocolate Sauces, DaVinci Gourmet & Torani Syrup Flavors and Oregon Chai.


Liks Ice Cream is a family-owned creamery based in the heart of Denver's Capitol Hill District since 1976, operating two retail locations and an extensive wholesale distribution along the Front Range and mountain communities. Each batch of ice cream starts off with our all natural 14% butterfat mix. We then add delicious high quality flavors and ingredients like candies, sauces, fruits, nuts and baked goods.  On select flavors we hand fold-in an option of fudge, caramel, marshmallow, and other flavored marbles. Each batch of ice cream is made either two or four tubs at a time, which means our attention to detail creates a consistently delectable flavor. 

About Our Coffee

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We Aim to Support Local Colorado Businesses and Products!

The Backbone of Our Hand-Crafted Coffee

Named after Yankee Boy Basin in the San Juan mountains of Colorado, our organic YANKEE BOY espresso blend is crafted to brew an exceptional and consistent sweet espresso in the tradition of Northern Italy: full flavored, smooth, and subtly citrus with mandarin orange notes in the finish, used for our hot and cold Signature Drinks.

Organic, Coffee, Local Roast

For Those on the Run

Our House Roasts, Ground and Brewed Fresh Daily: Roaring Fork - organic Colombian Monserrate offering a medium roast, highlighting fantastic balance and sweet citrus, with flavor notes of hazelnut and maple syrup; organic Costa Rican Tarrazu, Imogene offers a balanced flavor with a light sweetness and delicate finish.